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Hello everyone! I'm MegaMerc, starting over here now that Tumblr has dramatically gone down in flames! I hope you all like my art work <3


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Hello dear followers! I just wanted to make a post to let everyone know why I haven't really been doing much lately, the past several months have been very difficult for me just struggling to manage my sleep and work schedules, but then at the end of February the restaurant I managed closed, and I had to move to another one in town, which made it very difficult to maintain a decent schedule, half of my week I was closing at 2am as opposed to 11pm, and overall was very mentally drained, I've been doing some sketches here and there! I've got tons I want to do but I haven't had time to do more practice Clip Studio Paint to color them all!

Then at the beginning of this month (April) I moved to a different different store that closes at an earlier time but it was previously run poorly so I have to help get it back on track which is as incredibly mentally tiring as well, and at the same time I'm learning to drive and working on getting a car! So I have a lot going on, but with all this I feel like I've been wasting my time and my life not doing as much art as I should be and I'd like to be, just scrolling and seeing all these wonderful artists making beautiful work I feel left behind and have also been becoming very depressed which isn't really helping anything but, I'm going to try to get back on it and make more art and try to make up for all this lost time and make the most of the rest of this year!!

Anyway that's all, I hope you all will continue to support me along this journey! I've posted some sketches on my twiiter https://twitter.com/RealMegaMerc

Also to add, I've been highly demoralized since Tumblr's purge of nsfw art, I've barely gotten any followers back between here and twitter so it's been tough feeling like its not even worth it, but I appreciate everyone who still follows me now!


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